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A Strategic Approach To Complex Legal Matters

For every business, properly managing the bottom line is of monumental importance. Without doing so, a company cannot continue to thrive and prosper. At Spencer & Mulally, we represent businesses who have legal needs in Southern California. Our lawyers are highly experienced and respected for the professional and effective manner in which they handle their cases.

Our team evaluates the complexity of each case and develops a legal strategy. This allows us to conduct cases with a cost-efficient approach. We work together with the client, and only take action that we deem to be in line with accomplishing their goals.

Cost-Efficient And Results Driven Representation

Cost-Efficient And Results Driven Representation
In-depth analysis that allows us to customize representation and secure the best possible outcome through prejudgment remedies or trials.

A Commitment To Our Clients' Success

A Commitment To Our Clients’ Success
A respected legal team committed to our local and out-of-state clients’ bottom lines by securing the money they are entitled to.

Equipment Leasing

Combining Knowledge With A Diligent Work Ethic
Our attorneys combine 50 years of experience in drafting leases, settling disputes and recovering assets.

Case Management

A primary attorney is assigned to supervise each case. However, our clients benefit from the collaboration of our entire firm. On the occasion a legal matter rests outside our jurisdiction, we have a great network of attorneys throughout the United States with whom we partner.

We conduct honest discussions with our clients, informing them on the expected expenses and probable outcomes for each case. Our clients remain updated and involved throughout the duration of the proceedings. With clear communication we can be productive and expedient.


At Spencer & Mulally, technology allows us to provide greater service at a lower cost. We use state-of-the-art computers and software to create electronic client files. This makes documents, retrieval of information and schedules available in mere seconds, enabling our attorneys to work and communicate more efficiently.

Through these electronic files, clients can retrieve status reports on their cases almost instantaneously. The system is secure and you can be confident that your information will remain safe. Several states have electronic access to their bankruptcy courts and we are trained to use these systems to aid you in your case as well.

Experienced And Recognized

With over 50 years of combined experience, Eric Spencer and Thomas Mulally are highly respected for their work in commercial collections, equipment leasing disputes and other areas. We have a history of seeking the best options available for our clients, whether it comes by means of a prejudgment remedy, litigation or negotiation.

We have been recognized for our work. Most recently, Thomas Mulally won the Los Angeles County Bar Association Benjamin Aranda award for outstanding public service in June of 2007.

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