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There are many laws in place that protect your business’s assets. If one of your customers neglects to make proper payments, a skilled attorney can help regain your money and/or property. Located in Southern California, we represent both local and out-of-state clients in commercial collection cases. At Spencer & Mulally, we have years of experience in these cases and we are very effective at recovering money and equipment.

We are cost-efficient and results driven. Our team conducts a cost-benefit analysis for each client. We only recommend action that we believe will be financially responsible for our clients. Each case is assigned to a primary attorney who is aided by the collaborative resources of our entire firm.

Taking Action

After reviewing your documents and discussing your case, we will attempt to recover your money and/or your property by means of prejudgment remedies. Some actions we can take are:

  • Foreclosing on security agreements
  • Freezing the borrower’s funds
  • Obtaining a writ of attachment or writ of possession

When obtaining a prejudgment remedy is not a viable option, we are always prepared to take the case to trial and execute on the judgment. We are very effective at enforcing judgments.

Flexible Payment Options

We know that each case is unique and must be treated with individual care. Likewise, the financial implications differ between cases. We will discuss with our clients whether an hourly rate, contingency fee or some hybrid of the two makes the most sense for them.


Our firm keeps our clients updated on the progress of their cases. While we always make ourselves available for personal communication, we produce electronic files in which our clients can retrieve updated information on their commercial collection case at their convenience and in mere seconds. These files are secure and your information is safe.

Using cutting-edge technology also allows our staff to access information and communicate efficiently, creating more value for our clients at a smaller cost.

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